We’re all about showing your child that church is fun! We do this in safe, relevant and age-appropriate environments. Our goal is for every child to know that they are loved and can be used by Jesus today! Kids Are Now!


Here For The First Time?

If it’s your first time to LCKids please come visit our first time family check-in located right outside of the sanctuary. We can help you get signed in and our volunteers can escort you and your kids to the appropriate class and answer any questions you may have.


When you first visit, we will need you to bring the following information: parent/legal guardian names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number, email and any additional information you would like us to know (allergies, special needs, etc.). This information is kept on file to make kids check-in smooth and to uphold a secure and safe check-in process.



All LCKids volunteers and staff must go through an application process and have a nation-wide background check on file before they can serve in any ministry that involves LCKids.
Our check-in process involves a randomly-generated, alphanumeric code printed on the child’s tag and the parental receipt tag. Without the receipt tag that matches the child’s nametag, it is impossible for unauthorized people to pick-up a child from a LCKids classroom.
LCKids classrooms are staffed with an adult per child ratio according to childcare licensing standards of the State of Washington. We are committed to providing great supervision for all children participating in LCKids.
Your child’s privacy will be maintained throughout their experience in LCKids. Children in need of assistance in the restroom will have their parents paged to offer this assistance. Adults are not permitted into the restrooms with children.
We strive to maintain a healthy atmosphere for all children, their parents and those serving in our ministry. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration in not bringing your child in our care if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms; coughing, sneezing, common cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, skin rash or spots, skin infection, conjunctivitis, ear pain or infection, and strep or soar throat. These guidelines apply to everyone. If a child develops a fever or any of the other symptoms of illness while in our care, he/she will be separated from the other children and parents will be contacted to come and take him/her home.

Parent Resources

We at LCKids believe that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. We as LCKids leaders want to equip you, the parents, to lead your children in this walk with Jesus. Check out our parent resources by downloading our Life Center Rainier App on your mobile device!


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